Once you have been invited to TrueSign and have finished setting up your ImageSoft Identity account, you may access TrueSign! Head over to TrueSign.com and click on the "Login" button; or you can go directly to app.truesign.com. If you have not been authenticated recently or your browser's cache have been cleared, you will be redirected to the ImageSoft Identity site to sign in. If you do not have an account, please read the Getting started section.

Home page#

The TrueSign home page is the place where you will find all the envelopes that you have been requested to sign or have access to sign; and all the envelopes you have created or you are a designer for. This page contains three tabs:

  • Envelopes to Sign: This tab contains all the envelopes uploaded in the TrueSign application for you to sign as primary signer.
  • Proxy Envelopes: This tab contains a list of envelopes where other users of your organization are primary signers for, but you are a proxy signer for those users, and can sign them on their behalf.
  • My Envelopes: This tab contains all envelopes that have been created by you in the TrueSign app or where you are a designer for. By default, only envelopes in a Created or Ready to Sign status are showed, but you can check the "Show All" toggle to also see completed envelopes. You can click "Details" to see more details for the envelope. If the envelope is in a "Created" status, you will also see a "Design" option.

TrueSign home page

In the top-right corner of this page, you will find your full name and a dropdown menu. This is the TrueSign navigation menu with links to other pages that you have access to:

TrueSign menu

Note: If you belong to multiple accounts, you will see an additional option, called "Switch Account".

My Profile#

The My Profile page is the place where you can update your user information, but also set your notification preferences.

TrueSign Profile

To receive an email notification when a new envelope has been uploaded for you to sign, check the option "Notify me on new envelope by email". When selected, you will receive an email notification with a link to an envelope to be signed by you. You may verify that the emails reach you by clicking the "Test" button to the right of this option.

To receive a text message (SMS) when a new envelope has been uploaded for you to sign, check the option "Notify me on new envelope by SMS". When selected, you will receive an SMS notification with a link to an envelope to be signed by you. This option is available only if you have provided and verified you cell phone number in your profile. You may verify that the SMS reaches you by clicking the "Test" button to the right of this option.

Note: Preferences are only applied to the connected account. When the user belongs to multiple accounts, the user needs to change the preferences for each account they belong to.

My Signatures#

TrueSign Profile

The my signatures page is the place where you will create your different signatures and capture your initials. It is also the place where you can control which user in your organization can sign on your behalf - also known as proxy signing.

To create a new signature, click "Create New Signature". A new page will be displayed. This is the signature editor page and it looks like this:

Signature Editor

In the editor, you can build your signature by having a mix of text and images. You can capture your signature by clicking the "Capture Signature" button on the editors toolbar. A new window will show up and there you can either capture your signature using your finger (in a touch screen device) or using your mouse. Another option is to capture your signature via a mobile device, if the editor page is being accessed via a desktop computer. This option allows you to scan a QR code with your phone's camera and capture your signature on the page that opens up, using a stylus pen or your finger.

Signature Capture

Once your actual signature has been captured, you may add extra text, like the full name, title. etc.

Signature Complete

Once you have completed the signature design, click the "Preview" button to see a preview of how your signature will look like. You may go back and make more changes to it, or you can select an unique Nickname for it and save it.

Once a signature is saved, you can decide which users from your organization can use it. In the "My SIgnatures" page, locate the signature you would like to assign a proxy signer for. Once the signature has been located, click the "Manage" button to the right. You will now see a new page with a list of users in your account.

Note: You will see a section for each envelope type your admin has configured and allowed you to assign proxy signers for.

To allow a user to use this signature on your behalf, click the "Add" button to the right of their name. You can also search for a user using the search box. If a user already has access to this signature, a "Remove" button will appear next to their name.

Proxy Signing

A signature can be edited by clicking the gray pencil icon on the top-right of the signature. It can also be deleted by clicking the red trash can icon.

When signing documents in TrueSign, there are certain processes that use a "default" signature, like automatically switching to signing mode by clicking CTRL and the left click of your mouse. In these scenarios, TrueSign will use the first listed signature in the My Signatures page. You can re-order your signatures by clicking the up and down arrows on the top-right of the signature. Changes are saved automatically as you click up/down.

Creating Envelopes#

If your admin has given you rights to create envelopes from the TrueSign home page, you will see a (+) button on the lower-right position of the page. This control will allow you to upload up to 10 PDF documents at a time into a new envelope:

TrueSign home upload

Once you have uploaded all the PDF documents, check one of the options to the bottom-left of the "Create new Envelope" screen and click "Upload".

  • TrueSign files now: if this option is selected, the new envelope will open up in the Signing interface for you to sign. Read more about the TrueSign Signing interface here.
  • Prepare for signing: if this option is selected, the new envelope will open up in the TrueSign Designer for you to prepare it for signing. This option will alow you to add more documents to the envelope, add signers, add anchors, et al. Read more about the TrueSign Designer here.

Another way to create envelopes is via email. You can send or forward an email containing PDF attachments you intend to sign to sign@truesign.com, where the subject of the email will be the new envelope's title. If you have been given the right to use this feature by your TrueSign admins and your email contains valid PDF documents, then you will receive a reply from TrueSign:

TrueSign sign email

The email contains two links to the new envelope:

  • Sign: Click this link if you intend to sign the new envelope yourself.
  • Design: Click this link if you intend to open the new envelope in the TrueSign Designer and prepare it for other people to sign it.

Note: Once the "Design" link is clicked, the envelope will be set to a "Created" status for you to design. Any subsequential clicks to the "Sign" link will result into a "Envelope Not Found" error, until the envelope gets sent via the Designer.