TrueSign allows a user to bundle one or more documents into a template, making envelope creation easier. A template is intended to contain documents that do not change frequently (say HR onboarding documents). You can also pre-define signers and anchors for the template, making envelope creation based on templates to be achieved in a few button clicks. A user can also share their templates with other users inside of their organization, if the TrueSign administrator has given such user the right to do so.

My Templates#

You can find all the templates you own or have been shared with you by going to the My Templates page in TrueSign.


In the Templates I own section, you will find a list of all the templates you are an owner of. For each template, you can choose to Design the template, view Details for the template or Share the template. When sharing a template, select an internal user and click the Share button:

Template share

Once the template has been shared with the selected user, you can decide to either unshare the template or make the user an owner of the template - giving them full access to the template.

Creating New Templates#

To create a new template, click the Create New Template button on the top-right of the My Templates page, upload the files you want to add to your template and click the Open Designer button.

New template

Designing Templates#

Template designer

The template designer looks a lot like the envelope designer, however here the signers and anchors you are designing are placeholders that will be carried over to the new envelope create based on this template.

To edit the basic template information, click the Edit Info button and the following modal will be displayed:

Template info

To add a new signer, click the [+] button by the Signers section and choose from the list:

Template signer

  • Envelope Creator: Automatically add as a signer the user creating a new envelope using this template.
  • Static Internal: Pick an internal signer that will always have to sign envelopes created from this template.
  • User Determined: Allow the user creating an envelope from this template to provide the signer information (internal/external).

Template Details#

The template details page gives you an overview of the template, but it also provides all the other options we have mentioned across other template related pages. In this page you also will be able to see the template usage by all users and also the template history.

Template details