TrueSign is licensed at an organization level, therefore, all users belonging to a specific organization must be invited by their TrueSign administrator.

After an admin invites you#

Once an admin has invited you to TrueSign, you will receive an email similar to the one shown below. Click the "Finish Account Setup".

Invite email

Account setup#

After you have clicked the "Finish Account Setup" button on the invite email, you will be redirected to ImageSoft's Identity site. Here you will complete your account setup by providing and confirming a password for your account. Once a password has been set, click "Finish Setup".

Account Setup

ImageSoft Identity#

The account that you just finished setting up is a broader account than just for TrueSign. We call this account the ImageSoft Identity Account. This account will give you access to different applications that your organization has a subscription for from ImageSoft. The home page for the ImageSoft Identity looks like this:

ImageSoft Identity

Here you can change your password, enable two-factor authentication, and other options. For more on ImageSoft Identity, click here.

Enabling External Logins#

ImageSoft Identity allows you to use your organization's Microsoft or Google account to authenticate with. You will be able to enable one of these external logins after you have finished setting up your account in Identity (from Account Setup section above).

Note: Adding an external login will remove your ImageSoft Identity email/password login, forcing you to authenticate with the chosen external login (Microsoft or Google).

To enable an external login, go to the My external login page in ImageSoft Identity and choose either Microsoft or Google.

ImageSoft Identity External Login

The application will redirect you to the appropriate login page and once you have successfully authenticated with the external service it will redirect you back to ImageSoft Identity.