The TrueSign Designer is the place where you can design your envelopes and prepare them for signing, no matter where they were created from (TrueSign App, OnBase,, et al.). This interface allows you to modify the contents of the envelope, like document names, document order; and also design the signers for this envelope.


Envelope title#

Depending where the envelope was created, the envelope title might need to change to a something more meaningful to the person being asked to sign it. To change the title of the envelope, start typing your changes on the top-right input box on the right panel. Once changes are detected for the title, you will see a save icon. Clicking this icon will save the new title for the envelope being designed.

Designer title

Envelope documents#

You may or may not already have documents on this envelope, depending on how the envelope was created. You can add new documents or editing current ones from this section. To add a new document to the envelope, click the + button on the documents section. A new screen with title "New Envelope Documents" will come up where you can drop or browse to the PDF files you want to add to the envelope. You may add up to 10 PDF files at a time (you can click the + button again to upload more). Once the files have been dropped on the drop zone, they will automatically uploaded to the envelope. Once you are done uploading all of your files, click "Close".

Note: The .pdf extension is removed from the file name by design.

Designer new docs

However, the document names and their sorting in the envelope might need to change, depending on your business requirements. To do this, you can click the pencil icon in the documents section. A new window with title "Edit Envelope Documents" will appear with a list of all documents in this envelope:

Designer edit docs

  • Change Sorting: To change the sorting of the documents, grab the sorting handle to the left of the document title and move it to the desired location.

  • Change Title: To update the document title, start typing your changes in the document title text box.

  • Remove Document: To remove a document from the envelope, click the trash can icon to the right of the document title. A prompt "Are you sure" will show up, and if you are sure you want to delete this document from the envelope, click the red "Delete" button.
    Note: the document is un-recuperable once deleted and the change cannot be reverted.

Once you are happy with your changes, click the "Save Changes" button to the bottom-left of the window to save the sorting and title changes for all documents.

Note: The "Save Changes" button only appears if the sorting of the documents or at least one document title was changed. The delete happens instantaneous and does not need to be saved.

Envelope Signers#

Depending on how the envelope was created, the envelope you are designing may or may not have signers assigned to it. In this interface, you can edit existing signers and add new ones. To add a new signer, click the button with a + icon to the right of the "Signers" section. A new window called "New Signer" will appear for you to add a new signer.

Designer new signer

Note: The ability to add an external signer is subject to your TrueSign subscription and settings managed by your TrueSign admins.

Select an internal signer from the dropdown or fill in the information for an external signer and then click the "Add Signer" button. The signer will be added to the signers dropdown.

Editing signers is as easy and similar as editing the documents for the envelope:

Designer edit signer

Note: You may add multiple signers to an envelope. TrueSign will deliver the envelope to each signer, in series (one after the other).

Signer Permissions#

You may chose which permissions to remove from a particular signer by clicking the lock icon by the signer dropdown and choosing which permission to remove from the following window:

Signer permissions

Signer Reminders#

You may chose to automatically remind a particular signer that they have an envelope waiting for them to sign by clicking the bell icon by the signer dropdown and choosing the schedule from the following window:

Signer reminders

Designing Anchors#

If the envelope contains at least one signer, then the current document in the viewer is in "design" mode. This means that you can draw anchors on the document for the selected signer by clicking and holding your mouse to form a rectangle that will be filled with the signer's signature or whatever the anchor type you choose.

Designer add anchor

Currently TrueSign supports the following anchors:

  • Signature: ask the signer to place their signature on the drawn space.
  • Initial: ask the signer to place their initials on the drawn space.
  • Date: ask the signer to place a date of when the envelope is being viewed.
  • Checkbox: ask the signer to place a checkbox on the drawn space.

Note: The entire anchor space will be filled with the signature/initial/date or checkbox. Keep this in mind when drawing anchors.

Once an anchor has been placed on the document, you will see the anchor listed under the signer in the signers section. You can decide to make an anchor as required or optional. If an anchor is marked as required, the signer will not be allowed to complete the envelope without completing all required anchors.

Designer anchors

Envelope Options#

You can select the following options while designing an envelope:

  • Show signer list to signers: Choose if you want signers of this envelope to be able to view the signer list while they are signing the envelope.
  • Send completed envelope to each signer: Choose if you want to send a copy of all signed documents once the envelope has been completed by all signers.

Designer options

Send Envelope#

Once you have finished designing the envelope, where you have added and modified all documents, added signers and designed anchors, you are ready to send the envelope to the required signers. To send the envelope, click the "Send to Sign" button on the top of the right panel.

You also may choose to continue designing the envelope at a later time. You can click "Continue Later" to save your progress and go back to the TrueSign home page. You will find the envelope under the "My Envelopes" tab, from where you can come back to the designer.

Another option is to delete the envelope in the designer. To do so, click the "Delete" button on the top of the right panel. A new prompt will show up for you to confirm the deletion.

Note: Deleting the envelope is a permanent action and there is no way to recover it.