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Welcome to TrueSign#

TrueSign® is the electronic equivalent of physically signing a document. It’s an easy to use electronic signature application that creates legally compliant electronic signatures. Because TrueSign was originally designed for courts, it’s well-suited for a broad array of industries and applications.

How does it work?#

TrueSign enables documents to be signed swiftly and easily as part of an electronic workflow. Users can sign freehand using an electronic signature pad or apply an “on file” rendition of their true signature. TrueSign applies an image overlay of the signature onto a document in a non-alterable form. The signed document is then stored as a revision of the original. This preserves the original document while keeping an audit trail of all who signed it.

Why use it?#

TrueSign enables users to electronically sign or stamp a document in real time and eliminates the need to print, sign, then rescan documents, reducing paper and printing costs, improving efficiency and expediting the signature process. Using TrueSign also increases the security and accuracy of the signing process, prevents the wrong person from accidentally signing a document and provides the ability to track and audit all document signatures.